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Updated: May 17, 2021

The following are the four ingredients used in our miracle oil which is associated with proven facts done by clinical research showing that our ingredients are associated with helping to stimulate the scalp. In return, assist with hair growth in people that have alopecia or suffer from any other form of hair loss. These studies show as to why our product does work and may work for you as well.

Nigella Sativa:

This wonderful & very powerful also referred to as healing plant has so many different health benefits not only to hair growth but to the body as well. Many different pharmacological actions have been explored along with a vast amount of research conducted regarding this miraculous plant. Studies pertaining to the gastro-protective, hepato-protective, spasmolytic, analgesic, anti diabetic, anti cancer, renal protective, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties. With the properties within Nigella Sativa it has been ranked extremely high as a herbal medicine. What makes this plant so diverse in being called a miracle oil by M&M Holistics is due to the therapeutic properties in which it holds such as the presence of thymoquinone which is a major bioactive component of the essential oil.


Studies have shown that rosemary can definitely play a role in help to stop the deteriorating of hair loss. As shown here in this study rosemary works towards protecting against hair loss.

In the above research conducted they compared rosemary oil against minoxidil which is more predominantly known as Rogaine. For those that don't know. Rogaine is a product that can be purchased as a generic medication by prescription in oral tablet form and over the counter as a topical liquid foam. It is used as a treatment for pattern hair loss in males and females. This comparison was conducted on human subjects with androgenetic alopecia. The results of their research showed that rosemary oil was just a effective as minoxidil. It was also founded that rosemary helped more with itchy scalp than minoxidil.

Click on the link below to read about another study conducted showing that rosemary leaf extract which is not the same as the essential oil contributed to the stimulation of hair growth.

Hair growth there occurred when hair loss was associated/triggered by testosterone (pattern baldness). The study was conducted on mice.

Two other reviews below from trusted sources also indicated that rosemary is definitely a contributing factor to the help of hair growth. It shows that people with alopecia that used rosemary oil had a high successful rate in hair regrowth.

Want to know more about Alopecia Areata? Click on the following link:

Overall rosemary oil has been described as a great hair loss restorative. Here is another study that was conducted. Click on link below:


When applied to the scalp coconut moisturizes & removes build-up around hair follicles which in return helps with hair growth. Therefore it contributes to those with thinning or fine hair to help slow down hair loss by penetrating deep into your hair shaft to prevent protein loss, which in turn prevents breakage.


Almonds are rich in magnesium & nutrients which promote hair growth. It enhances hair thickness and combats hair loss. As well as helps to cure dandruff & seals vital nutrients into the hair. In addition all of the good fats found in almonds it also contains vitamin B & E, protein, fibre, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and folate. All of which are beneficial to hair health. Almond contains over twenty different nutrients which are all vital to hair health.


Information provided here is exactly that, information for your knowledge. M&M Holistics does not claim to be a doctor or is able to diagnose any condition you may have. It is always best to conduct a patch test before using any new products. If allergic to any of the ingredients contained within a product, then it's best not to use it. We do not guarantee any results. Our products are NOT one size fits all. What may work for you, may not work for someone else. ALL RESULTS WILL VARY. Thank you

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